Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Treasure: CJAJ09

I found this fantabulous little online store of beautifully designed, African-ispired clothes. They have everything from dresses and skirts to accessories, and they're affordable to boot! I spent quite a bit of time browsing through their beautiful lookbook and was so impressed with their structured and sophisticated pieces that I just knew this was the site I had to write about today on our Tuesday Treasure feature!

From their website:

Established in 2009, CJAJ09 is an independent African fashion design house and clothing store that is all about making style accessible and fashion affordable for the sophisticated, hard working and discerning woman. We believe that culture and heritage should not have to cost that much and that clothes should be an extension of ones style, belief and background, a way to show who we really are... Our designs draw from the beauty and sophisticated nature of European fashion mixed with the richness and ethnicity of African culture...

Click HERE to visit this enchanting shop today!

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