Monday, June 20, 2011

Styled By Me

Hi Dolls!

So I've been styling myself for this trip, and you guys get to see a little bit of what that looks like:

Top #38
Skirt #26
Belt #9
Shoes #4

Goofing around outside my mom's restaurant... pretending to have a cuppa tea with the sister :)

I'm loving my vacation so far, getting to catch up with the family and spend time with friends. More to come in the next few days, hopefully I don't take forever to put up the next post...
Thanks for your patience and for sticking around!

Much love all the way from TEXAS!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eager Beaver

Suggested by Katie from Glitter and Unicorns:

The hours went by sooo slowly today, as it always does when one is counting down the hours til an exciting event takes place. In about 12 hours, I head to the airport so I can fly off to the wonderful, beautiful state of TEXAS!!! I'm going on vacation, ya'll!

Texas is home to me, my mom and siblings live there, my oldest friends, my boyfriend, everyone I care about lives there. So I can barely contain my excitement of flying over the Atlantic in just a few hours!

I'm so ready for the laughter, the conversations, the good food, the late nights, the sleeping in, the lounging around, my best friend's wedding, the one-on-one time with my long-distance love, and everything good that comes with vacationing at home.

Today was filled with last-minute errands and some work-related emails here and there, so this causual attire was just the thing to get me through such a busy day (please forgive the wrinkles on the pants... I was too busy running other errands to worry about perfecting the outfit :S). All that's left now is a bit of packing and cleaning and then anxiously waiting for the night to pass so I can jump in that plane in the morning!

Aren't vacations the best?!?!

Thanks for the outfit suggestion, Katie!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Speaking Volumes

Suggested by Robin from FranniePantz:

I lost my voice over the weekend. I'm hoarse as hoarse can be. Like, reaaaally hoarse, barely a whisper comes out and it hurts to do even that.
I rarely realize how much I use my voice until I lose it... it was quite annoying to try to talk on the phone because I can't get my message accross. It happened all of a sudden, too. One minute, I was fine and dandy, the next, I felt a slight irritation on my throat, and by the time I woke up the next morning it was all gone. Oh well, I guess it's good to take a rest from being a motormouth every once in a while :D
Since I was forced into a quiet existence for the next few days, I was happy to wear my LOUD yellow shoes for the day. They can speak volumes when my vocal chords can't... what are they saying, you wonder?
'We're loud. We know it. We love it.'

Perfect message to send when the wearer can't quite say the same :D

Thanks Robin! (and yeah, these shoes are #9... great memory! I don't even have them memorized yet hahaha)

Sleepy Head

Suggested by Katie from Glitter and Unicorns:

These pics were taken late on Friday night, right before I stepped out of the day's clothes to get ready for bed. It'd been a long day, and I was just about ready to hit the sack as you can probably tell by my tired face...
The outfit had been suggested for London but I ended up not wearing any styling suggestions or blogging my London outfits, so I decided to wear the outfit Katie suggested. I love the color of this dress, it's so lively- it adds a pep to my step to wear such a happy color. I changed out the sandals for some black flats to make the outfit office-appropriate. Other than that, I left it as suggested.
Thanks for the suggestion, Katie!

P.S. My hair is a hot mess! I think I seriously just rolled out of bed that morning and didn't even run my fingers through that crazy mane of mine! Oh well, too late to worry about it now... hahaha

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Night In

Suggested by ROSIBEL from The point is...

Today some coworkers and I had grand plans of heading out for dinner after work on the swanky side of the city (yeah, the side I can't afford... but I had my own strategy for avoiding the cost: I was going to order from the kids menu. That's always affordable :D). Just for kicks. Because life is too short. Or something.
Anyhow, so we started out the day by emailing each other excitedly about the evening plans, but as the day progressed, one by one started bailing out due to one obligation or another. By the time the day was over I think there were only 2 people still planning to go... I just took a raincheck because I wasn't done with everything I needed to do and I would've made them run late anyways. So here I am, home early, already in my pajamas, browsing through my favorite blogs and just about ready to call it a night. And I wouldn't have it any other way...
The outfit would've worked out nicely for going out to dinner with my friends, since it's pretty casual (I threw a blazer on during office hours). It was actually suggested by one of my closest friends IRL, and she's always had a FABULOUS sense of style so I had no doubt any outfit she suggested would turn out great. She didn't disappoint :)

Thanks for following my blog, RO, and thanks for the suggestion!

P.S. See you next week! :D So excited!

Stepping Out

Suggested by Linz from Tart Lemon Drop:

I gotta be honest, it took quite a lot of courage for me to dress in this outfit and step out into the world with it. When I looked at the items suggested, I couldn't envision how they could possibly work together without looking hideous. As I've said before, I'm very conservative in my color mixing, and most of the time I'm very matchy-matchy... the times I dare mix unrelated colors, they tend to be neutral with one accent color or something along those lines. But a head-to-toe outfit of colors screaming for attention? Never in a million years would I have conjured that up in this little head of mine.
Enter the blogosphere. You wonderful readers of mine are here to ensure that I step out of my comfort zone and learn to take some fashion risks. I was able to muster up the courage to put on the items suggested (albeit having to add a red belt so that SOMETHING could match with something... it was the one thing that made me able to talk myself into wearing this outfit...), and lo and behold, the planet Earth did not spin out of orbit or come to a screeching halt altogether, nor did any other catastrophic event take place due to my colorful garb.
Although it did take some getting used to, I didn't find it hideous when I looked in the mirror (like I had envisioned it in my head). And as the day wore on, I got more and more used to the unusual combo and rather enjoyed the fresh take on the same old items from my closet.
I can't quite say yet whether I would willingly put this outfit together again, but I'm leaning towards actually liking the unlikely color combination.
What do you guys think of this look?

Thanks Linz for suggesting the most think-outside-the-box (for me, anyways) outfit yet!