Thursday, June 2, 2011

Night In

Suggested by ROSIBEL from The point is...

Today some coworkers and I had grand plans of heading out for dinner after work on the swanky side of the city (yeah, the side I can't afford... but I had my own strategy for avoiding the cost: I was going to order from the kids menu. That's always affordable :D). Just for kicks. Because life is too short. Or something.
Anyhow, so we started out the day by emailing each other excitedly about the evening plans, but as the day progressed, one by one started bailing out due to one obligation or another. By the time the day was over I think there were only 2 people still planning to go... I just took a raincheck because I wasn't done with everything I needed to do and I would've made them run late anyways. So here I am, home early, already in my pajamas, browsing through my favorite blogs and just about ready to call it a night. And I wouldn't have it any other way...
The outfit would've worked out nicely for going out to dinner with my friends, since it's pretty casual (I threw a blazer on during office hours). It was actually suggested by one of my closest friends IRL, and she's always had a FABULOUS sense of style so I had no doubt any outfit she suggested would turn out great. She didn't disappoint :)

Thanks for following my blog, RO, and thanks for the suggestion!

P.S. See you next week! :D So excited!

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