Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eager Beaver

Suggested by Katie from Glitter and Unicorns:

The hours went by sooo slowly today, as it always does when one is counting down the hours til an exciting event takes place. In about 12 hours, I head to the airport so I can fly off to the wonderful, beautiful state of TEXAS!!! I'm going on vacation, ya'll!

Texas is home to me, my mom and siblings live there, my oldest friends, my boyfriend, everyone I care about lives there. So I can barely contain my excitement of flying over the Atlantic in just a few hours!

I'm so ready for the laughter, the conversations, the good food, the late nights, the sleeping in, the lounging around, my best friend's wedding, the one-on-one time with my long-distance love, and everything good that comes with vacationing at home.

Today was filled with last-minute errands and some work-related emails here and there, so this causual attire was just the thing to get me through such a busy day (please forgive the wrinkles on the pants... I was too busy running other errands to worry about perfecting the outfit :S). All that's left now is a bit of packing and cleaning and then anxiously waiting for the night to pass so I can jump in that plane in the morning!

Aren't vacations the best?!?!

Thanks for the outfit suggestion, Katie!

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  1. i LOVE vacations :)

    your cardigan is so cute!