Monday, August 29, 2011

Styled by Me: Quick-Change Artist

Top #64
Skirt #33
Belt #2
Shoes #14

This weekend I had to go to a wedding. The wedding was an evening wedding, and I had a long to-do list to accomplish before the wedding started. This caused me to get home just in time to throw on something super-fast and run out the door to grab a taxi to the church. I was seriously in and out the door in under two minutes and made it to the venue just in time to join the crowd. I acted all graceful and ladylike while knowing that just a few minutes ago I had ran around like a klutzy madwoman putting this look together. I'm not one to plan outfits but I think some occasions call for a little bit more organization. Sigh, will I ever learn?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Styled by Me: Old-School Secretary

Top #35
Vest #60
Skirt #39
Shoes #13

I felt like a 1950's secretary in this outfit. Which to me, is a good thing. I love the 50's era silhouettes and the chic feel of their ever-so-ladylike attire. I probably needed some color in this outfit, but aside from that, I'm pretty happy with it.

Styled By Me: Field Trippin'

Top #16
Vest #49
Pants #38
Shoes #2

This is the outfit I wore for a quick business trip. It was a field visit I had to do which calls for a more casual outfit, but I still wanted to look put-together. The pulled-together thing was going well until I had to change into my hard hat and steel-toed boots... so much for that! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Styled by Me: Sophisticated Lady

Dress # 23
Belt #4
Shoes #13

I had a meeting with some very important clients yesterday, and to my dismay, I was pressed for time in the morning. I had to find a quick fuss-free outfit that still would look pulled together and sophisticated enough for the nature of the day's activities. Enter my new LBD. I pulled it on, wrapped the red belt around it for a pop of color, added the high-heeled mary jane pumps, tied my hair in a low bun, and I was good to go. I was able to make it to the meeting on time and it was quite a productive day altogether. Yay for super-fast ways to put together a sophisticated outfit :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

Citrus Punch

Suggested by Inez of Style Chic 360

Citrus Punch, is what this outfit reminded me of, with my graperuit-colored top, lime-green belt, and lemon-yellow shoes. This is another example of an outfit that seemed like it would clash when I envisioned it, but once I put it on, the items actually blended together quite nicely. This was a fun, colorful outfit to sport today. Thanks Inez!

Left Unmentioned

Just a couple of lovely items I didn't mention in the haul because I didn't actually buy them... they were more like hand-me-downs. Or in this case, they were hand-me-ups because one was from my younger sister (the skirt) and the other item (the dress) is from my good friend that's like a younger sister to me :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Styled By Me: Sailor Pants

Top (not pictured)
Pants #10
Belt #10
Shoes #2

I love the super-wide leg of these sailor high-waisted pants, and I also love how comfy they are to wear. I was exhausted from a long, long day when I took these pictures as you can probably tell by my face... so forgive the lack of expressions... hehehe... As for the top, I just realized that it's an item in my closet I haven't placed in the pictures! I think it was packed away in a traveling bag somewhere (I'm very slow at unpacking after trips :S) and it was discovered long after I had posted all my items on the blog...
I'm going to have to rectify this situation soon :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Styled By Me: African Winter

Top # 13
Skirt # 27

I love winter wear like peacoats and turtlenecks and tights and boots and, oh, I could go on for a while. However, it never gets cold enough here to warrant wearing any of those things... this week though, it's actually been cool enough to wear tights... finally! When I noticed how crisp it was, I immediately pulled the tights from the bottom of the drawer where I had stashed them since I'd worn them last and put together this little outfit based on the tights. I ended up wearing a black blazer but forgot to photograph it so that completed my winter-wear for today's so-called wintery day :)