Friday, August 5, 2011

Styled By Me: African Winter

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Skirt # 27

I love winter wear like peacoats and turtlenecks and tights and boots and, oh, I could go on for a while. However, it never gets cold enough here to warrant wearing any of those things... this week though, it's actually been cool enough to wear tights... finally! When I noticed how crisp it was, I immediately pulled the tights from the bottom of the drawer where I had stashed them since I'd worn them last and put together this little outfit based on the tights. I ended up wearing a black blazer but forgot to photograph it so that completed my winter-wear for today's so-called wintery day :)


  1. amazing skirt!you look so lovely!!!

  2. ou look exsquisite! I love the fall like colors, a breath of fresh air from this summer haze :)

    cool blog, btw

    your new follower