Monday, August 29, 2011

Styled by Me: Quick-Change Artist

Top #64
Skirt #33
Belt #2
Shoes #14

This weekend I had to go to a wedding. The wedding was an evening wedding, and I had a long to-do list to accomplish before the wedding started. This caused me to get home just in time to throw on something super-fast and run out the door to grab a taxi to the church. I was seriously in and out the door in under two minutes and made it to the venue just in time to join the crowd. I acted all graceful and ladylike while knowing that just a few minutes ago I had ran around like a klutzy madwoman putting this look together. I'm not one to plan outfits but I think some occasions call for a little bit more organization. Sigh, will I ever learn?


  1. Hey Girl!!! Well your definitely a great quick change artist because there is no way I could ready that fast. I have another outfit for you...........

    #18 pants, #63 top #5 Shoes

    Hope you love it!

  2. I love this! The bright yellow and the cognac sandals are a great match. I can't believe you did it in two minutes! With me, if I have limited time to put something together, it can only go horribly wrong or surprisingly well. Unfortunately, it's usually the former. You nailed it though!

  3. you look awesome girl!!