Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Maven: Andrea

I'm so thrilled to introduce to you one of my biggest style crushes: Andrea of Blonde Bedhead. She is the perfect combination of funky and classy, and she rocks an awesome head of blonde curls like nobody else!

Styled By U: What made you begin blogging and what motivates you to keep going?
Andrea: I started blogging because I just wanted a place to write, share my own photography and my style. I'm motivated to keep going after almost two years because it's as fun as it was Day One and I've made friends with some incredible people and I hope to keep meeting new, awesome people!
SBU: What advice would you give rookie bloggers for building a successful blog?
A: Really, it's what everyone else says: authenticity. Be you! And make sure you're thoughtful with considering design, writing and photography. It all has to be quality for people to stick around.

SBU: How would you describe your personal style?
A: I'd describe my style as minimalist, but edgy.

SBU: Who is your all-time favorite fashion inspiration, living or dead?
A: Caroline of Caroline's Mode. She has such a similar aesthetic, but is a risk taker and really rocks some great pieces that I find inspiring.

SBU: Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn't know just by
following your blog...
A: I didn't always have my own personal style. In high school I wore pink and sparkles and straightened my hair to fit in. I just tried too hard, but it just goes to show how much people mature as they get a little older and develop confidence and acceptance of who they are!

Thanks so much for agreeing to be featured on my blog, Andrea. Stay fabulous!

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