Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Blogger: Mariana

For the next few weeks, I'll be hosting a series of guest bloggers talking about all things personal style. For this post, the stunningly beautiful Mariana of Miss Tangerine tells us about her blog and her take on style.

My name is Mariana, I am an 18 year old blogger behind http://miss-tangerine.blogspot.com/ and I'm from Portugal. My baby blog, as I like to refer to it since it has only six short months, is about my views on fashion: mainly my outfits and inspirations. Regarding my personal style, I really do dress by the moto "less is more" and I think that is what is quite unique about me... I don't overdo my outfits, as I feel many blogguers do. As for my inspirations, I find them literally anywhere: the streets, the weather, magazines and of course other blogs as well. I find it quite interesting to see how bloggers interpret trends, and it that way I get major inspiration from fellow bloggers...

As a final note, I encourage you to check out my blog, I really think you will at least find something inspiring there!

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