Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Suggested by Shy, Chesterfield:

Today was the first day back at work after a long weekend, since Monday was Labor Day here in Angola. I spent half the weekend with a bad stomach bug but then I bounced back and spent the next half lounging around, visiting relatives, eating too much (hey, I had to make up for the nutrients I lost during my bad spell) and re-tightening my locs (can you see the fruit of my labor in the last pic?)
It was really hard to get going again after such a relaxing weekend, but the good news is that this week is super short (already only 3 days left!) and then it's back to lounging or whatever weekend activity I can come up with. I LOVE national holidays! :D


  1. do you make your own dresses?

  2. Obviously I think this outfit rocks...So cool that I can pick out someones outfit for the day! You have such a great idea here!! What do you think of it!?


  3. @Shy: I love it! I just got this shoes recently and I wasn't seeing what to pair them with because of their golden hue.... but they looked great with this dress! Thanks for your suggestion! :D

    @Chizzy: No I don't make my own dresses... I'm on a quest to take up sewing and I do plan on making my own clothes soon though, so hopefully you'll be seeing me rock some frocks I made :D