Friday, May 13, 2011

London or Bust

Suggested by Marie-Eve of A Pretty Nest:

Today was very disappointing... I found out my visa to the UK had not been approved yet, so I gotta wait around for them to finally grant it. Hence, I had to postpone my trip by a week. Thankfully, the travel arrangements were such that I was able to make the changes without any extra costs... but I was sad that I don't get to go... I was ready for a little break from the routine. Oh well. I can live through another week, hopefully the embassy doesn't disappoint this time!

This outfit was nice and comfy for the half day I spent in the office (the rest of the time I was running around trying to chase the visa and then trying to rearrange my travel itinerary). The combo is another one I don't think I've worn before... but I love it! the colors coordinate so well together! Thanks Marie-Eve!