Thursday, May 12, 2011

Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

Suggested by texmimi:

My to-do list today was so. VERY. long... it was actually a bit overwhelming as I stared at it this morning... however, I rolled up my sleeves, jumped right in, and chugged along all-day long until I was able to triumphantly strike out every single task on it. Yay for productive days!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to tie all the loose ends I still need to tie before I head for London on Saturday night. It's always crunch time before one of these business trips but once I'm in the air I can breathe easy and enjoy my time abroad.

This outfit was sorta casual for the office but it still looked put together because of the dark wash of the denim skirt and the high-heeled Mary Janes. The cardi did a ton of good becaue the tank would've offered too little coverage for the A.C.-blasting office space I get tortu- I mean... work from.
Thanks for dressing me for the day, texmimi!