Monday, May 16, 2011

Stranger In My Own Land

Suggested by Katie of Glitter and Unicorns:

So as I've said before, I live in my parent's homeland of Angola, of which I am a citizen by default due to their citizenship although I'm not natural-born... well that presents a few issues when wanting to do regular things like, request a national ID (which is used for everything from domestic travels to bank transactions). I've been running around all day trying to get my ID processed but they wont give me one because I don't have a birth certificate proving that I'm from here... all I have is a passport but they wont accept that. I'm so upset! Just when I was starting to feel Angolan to the core they throw it back on my face that I'm not! :( Well I don't care... I'm Angolan and I'm proud!
This dress is one of my faves because of its structured silhouette... I got it at Primark when I traveled to the UK a couple of years ago, and it's been going strong ever since. I love that it looks like a high-quality, expensive item when it was actually quite cheap... gotta love that!
I loved this outfit, it was really simple yet sophisticated. Great way to feel while I run around trying to prove my Angolanness :D
Thanks for such a great suggestion, Katie!


  1. Cute dress. Looks comfortable too.

  2. Sorry about your ID issues. You look cute though! I love the pockets on the dress!

  3. I'm sorry the ID is being such an issue. Thank you so much for wearing my suggestion. I think you look amazing, and now I'm going to have to have another look-see through your wardrobe!

  4. oh man, that's got to be tough. if it's any consolation, that dress looks great on you. i love the shape.

  5. Ola tentei procurar o teu email ma nada que encontro. Tambem sou angolana mas de momento a estudar em España, desde faz muito que sigo o blog black girl with long hair e olha que surpresa depois de tanto tempo sem checar o blog que te encntro. Espero que possamos falar e assim "trocar" ideas... Tambem tenho o cabelo natural, bom melhor que vejas e ja falamos. Beijinhos e nao te imainas o contente que estou em saber que ha mas gente que pensa "diferente".